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Game activities of the individual – offensive / Mělník- 19.5.2019

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About the campsite: Individuals’ gaming activities include passes, passes, shooting, work on small spaces, and so on. Each player in an attacking phase has to cope.


Camping Focus: Passes, passes, shooting, work in small space, control puck.


Camp start: Schedule is always created 1-2 days before the camp (due to illnesses and apologies) and is always sent by e-mail.


Camping price: 1390 Kč. Price includes: 2x TJ on ice, 2x TJ on dry (stretching), match, lunch and drinking mode.

                             1090 Kč. Players 2006 and older: 2x TJ on ice, 2x TJ on dry, lunch and drinking mode.


Payment Terms: The price is always payable on the spot at the start of the camp.


Venue: Ice Stadium Mělník, Klášterní Street.