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Individual Lessons

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Individual lessons: Individual lessons are the most advanced, most effective and most intensive way of training players in ice hockey. This method of training is used not only in the US and Canada, but also in CZECH SKILLS HOCKEY  ACADEMY.


At the four sites where there is always one coach and one player intensely and thus effectively working with players on improving their individual skills and abilities (skating technique, technique sticks, shooting …). At each habitat is trenér- course specialist and a great demonstrator of certain skills.


Our coaches will advise you on what the player should intensively work, where are his weaknesses and vice versa in what skills are strongest. Accordingly, you can build a training tailor-made to each player to quickly improve.


This training is a great complement club training sessions, as follows intense perfecting individual skills during club training sessions, and large numbers of players on the ice can not be achieved. By wearing the player will work intensively work will be a great asset to your club and still platnějším player in the match.


Price schedule: 1090 CZK (one hour), the price is payable on the spot. In the event that a player logs in and train in pairs, the price is CZK 800/player.


Venue: In the 2020/2021 season, individual classes are held every wednesday, thursday and friday at the winter stadium in Lovosice, street U stadionu.


You can register here