Indvidiual lessons

Indvidiual lessons are trendiest and the most effective form of training ice hockey players .this metod of practise is used not only in the USA and Canada but either in CZECH SKILLS HOCKEY ACADEMY.

On our training there are four stands where is one player with his special coach on every stand.

Coach intensively and as effective as its possible works with player to upgrade all different types of  his hockey skills  (skating, stickhandling, shooting,..)..

On every stand is coach of CSHA who is specialist trained to show and learn this kind of skills…

Our coaches will advise you what players should intensively train, where are his weaknesses and also what are his best skills. And because this analysis, we can make an individual training for each player. 

 This type training completes club training sessions, because it´s more intense and it´s perfecting individual skills during club training sessions. They can’t got these awesome skills during club trainings due to large numbers of players on the ice, they can not achieve the same goals. We could say, that’s a benefit for club, that player will intensively work. That’s will be used during matches and also he will be much more capable and it will bring better results for the whole team.

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